USG ESAOTE Megas Italy

USG ESAOTE Megas Italy
USG ESAOTE Megas Italy

Features USG ESAOTE Megas Italy :

This portable system combines the best ergonomics, attractive design and ease of use with its 15″ high resolution color TFT LCD monitor, and the keyboard designed to minimize movements of the operator’s hand. Compactness and ergonomic design to improve patient throughput.

Its different mobile and portable configurations contribute to an extreme versatility. The different trolleys make it suitable for various clinical environments: the perfect choice for private practices, hospital departments, and emergency centers. The integrated battery allows to perform the ultrasound examination even at the point of care.

Extremely flexible due to its modular and license-based architecture, it is designed for multi-application approach, and can offer multi-frequency convex, linear and phased array transducers, as well as dedicated special purpose probes, all of them lightweight and ergonomically designed.

The easily upgradable platform allows the system to follow the technological trends, and ensures the investment value over a long-term period. Application-dedicated configurations widen the number of users, and allow a progressive investment based on clinical activities.

Brand : ESAOTE

Type : Megas

Manufactured : Italy

Condition Second

Probe : Convex + Sternum

Guarantee : 4 Months

Ready stock : 1 unit

Harga : Rp. 95.000.000,-

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4 Replies to “USG ESAOTE Megas Italy”

  1. mau tanya jual keyboard usg esaote type aquila model 410853

  2. pa usg DP-10 kondisinya baru ya pa? harga setelah discount berapa ya? sy mau ambil sendiri barangnya klo ada?

  3. Maaf sudah laku pak, kita ada stock usg bentuk seperti laptop yaitu DP-10, harga 36 juta, masih discount 20%, tks.

  4. masih ready stockkah?…harga berapa klu dikirim ke sby? bisa kurang

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