USG 3D (4D) SIUI CTS-8800

USG 3D (4D) SIUI CTS-8800
USG 3D (4D) SIUI CTS-8800

Features USG 3D (4D) SIUI CTS-8800 :

Outstanding Real-time 3D (4D) Imaging

  • By adopting techniques such as real-time 3D (4D) data visualization, real time volume rendering, real-time 3D (4D) filtering and real time lighting simulation, the CTS-8800 is featured with excellent real-time 3D (4D) ultrasound imaging function.

Leading Volume Probe Technology

  • High density & compact designed volume probe
  • Excellent imaging processing technology
  • Tissue Characterization Imaging
  • High Frequency Sampling
  • Lossless Logarithm Compression
  • Hi-Fi Cine Function

Komposisi :

  • Main Unit
  • 1 (satu) Convex Probe
  • 1 (satu) 3 (4) D Probe
  • Trolley
  • Color Printer
  • UPS

Harga : Rp. 226.000.000,-

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