Color Doppler Apogee 3800 Touch SIUI

Color Doppler Apogee 3800 Touch SIUI
Color Doppler Apogee 3800 Touch SIUI

Features Color Doppler Apogee 3800 Touch SIUI :

Compound Imaging
Compound imaging is performed on the same imaging area after adopting real-time multi-angle scanning, so as to reduce speckle noise, clutter, and other ultrasound artifacts affecting image quality. It will significantly improve resolution, resulting in clearer display of tissue boundary composed of different densities, which is conductive to identifying subtle pathological changes in early stage, as well as reducing lateral acoustic shadow shading over tissues at the back.

Adaptive Speckle Reduction

The system will automatically track, identify and intensify useful tissue-characteristic information. Meanwhile, noise is filtered to increase S/N ratio, enabling clearer tissue boundary and more obvious image gradation, which is easy for distinguishing early-stage lesion tissues.

Optional Panoramic Imaging

For big-size tissues or complicated lesions, a complete sonogram can be displayed, showing the structure relation between lesion and its surrounding tissues, as well as tissue structure of the observed path, resulting more complete observation and more accurate measurement and analysis.

Optional Real-time 3D (4D) Imaing

Equipped with a live 3D (4D) volume probe, real-time 3D (4D) imaging function can be easily achieved to real-time display volumetric information of fetus or organ conveniently and efficiently.

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