Infusion Pump TE-171, Terumo

Infusion Pump TE-171, Terumo

Infusion Pump TE-171, Terumo

Features / Spesifikasi Infusion Pump TE-171, Terumo :

Ease of use and high performance are not mutually exclusive. That is what we prove with our Midpress Volumetric infusion pump.

Accuracy and reliability are guaranteed thanks to a unique peristaltic fingers system (= mid-press). Instead of completely pinching the tubing, as conventional systems do, the Terumo Midpress pump controls the pressure on the fingers in a very meticulous way (flow rate error is down to ± 3% when using the dedicated Terufusion® set type E) and avoids any malformation of the tubing.

As a result, the Midpress volumetric pump can be used for blood transfusions in pediatric or ICU cases (with SAFEED extension tube for pumps) without damaging blood cells.

Kondisi : second , good battery

Harga : Rp. 2.500.000,-

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