B Braun Syringe Pump

B Braun Syringe Pump

Features B-Braun Syringe Pump

Smart Pump Technology

What is a Smart Pump?
A Smart Pump is designed to be an easier and safer pump to
operate for clinicians.  Using ‘Smart Pump’ concepts, the Perfusor
Space Syringe Pump comes with dose error reduction system and
drug library capabilities.  The Perfusor Space Pump includes
clinical advisories, alerts, prealarms, and alarms.


  • Easy to learn
  • Innovative footprint within a surgical environment
  • Identical user interface with large volume pump capabilities
  • Piston brake prevents free-flow and accidental boluses
  • Automatic syringe loading and detection

Full Line of Accessories:

  • Pole Clamps
  • Space Station with IV Pole
  • Pump Sets
  • Battery
  • Combilead

Kondisi : New

Harga : Rp. 15.700.000,-

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