Autospirometer AS-507 Minato Japan

AS-507 Minato

AS-507 Minato Japan

Spesifikasi Autospirometer AS-507 Minato Japan

Spirometer/ Spirometri/ Spirometry Portable
Autospiro AS-507
Manufacturer ( Brand) : MINATO MEDICAL SCIENCE Co., Ltd ( JAPAN)
Autospiro AS-507 Spirometer Portable Autospiro AS-507
Spirometer Portable Autospiro AS-507 – a device for measuring lung capacity by determining the volume of air, pushes when exhaling.
On display in real-time graphic displays of measurements and the values of measured parameters, it allows the operator to immediately see the results of measurements.
Very handy feature for automatic correction of charts in the derivation of the screen makes it easier to navigate when dealing with different patients.
Built-matrix printer prints all izmeryakmye spirometry performance on the tape. Print a paper copy is useful for long-term storage.Measured data and charts, printed on a paper copy in a convenient form for comparative analysis.

Kondisi : New

Harga : Rp. 43.000.000,-


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