Accessories For Spirometry Chest Japan

Beberapa Accessories For Spirometry Chest Japan :

Paper Mouthpiece Disposable mouthpiece
1,000pcs / order
Silicone Mouthpiece Reusable mouthpiece
For adult and child
Plastic Mouthpiece Reusable mouthpiece, economical
100pcs / order
Metal Nose Clip Reusable nose clip
Rubber sponge
Plastic Nose Clip Disposable Nose Clip
10pcs / order
Spiro-filter, C-2F Filter phlegm and germ to protect a
patient from infection
Disposable, 100pcs / order
Calibration Syringes Calibration syringes for Spirometer
1L and 3L
CHESPACER Nebulizing drug delivery
Companct and light body

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