Phillips V24E


Phillips V24E

Phillips V24E

Philips V24E Patient Monitor with ECG SPO2 NIBP and 2 x IP

Adaptable to your needs – If your staffing or your patient care requirements change, so can the monitoring system, easily. Side-by-side display of current vital signs with thirty minutes of trends for “at-a-glance” patient assessment.· Component modularity- Compact measurement modules. Updatable processors Easily add and change the capabilities of your monitor. Low maintenance – Engineered for reliability and ease of maintenance. Individual components are more cost-effective to repair and replace.

What is included?? ***90 DAY WARRANTY***

1. Philips V24C Patient Monitor

2. ECG Module

3. SPO2 Module

4. NIBP Module

5. 2 Channels of Invasive Pressure

6. 5 Lead ECG Cable

7. SPO2 Extension cable with Nellcor Compatible Finger sensor

8. Blood Pressure Cable

9. 2 x Invasive Pressure Transducers.

10. 90 Day Warranty on the unit as well as the modules and all cables.

Brand : Patient Monitor Philips

Type : V24E

Manufacturer : Germany

Condition : Second

Ready Stock : 2 Unit

Harga : Rp. 20.000.000,-

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