Ventilator SLE 2000 -HFO

Ventilator SLE 2000 -HFO
Ventilator SLE 2000 -HFO

Spesifikasi Ventilator SLE 2000 -HFO :

Synchronous intermittent mandatory ventilation (SIMV)
continuous positive airway pressure ventilation (CPAP), manual breath.

The SLE-2000 ventilator manufactured with the use of advanced technologies is designed for controlled artificial ventilation of lungs of newborns and other children in the course of resuscitation measures in clinical hospitals, maternity homes, and childrens medical research institutes. Unique technological solutions ensure reliable and safe ventilation of lungs for children weighing from 500 g.SLE-2000 maintains continuous pressure waveform at all breath rates; it has an alarm system and a built-in oxygen analyzer with digital display and enables filtration of exhaled gases. The apparatus has the following ventilation modes:continuous mandatory ventilation (CMV) patient triggered ventilation (PTV)

Brand : SLE

Type : 2000- HFO

Manufacturer : England.

Ready Stock.

Kondisi : Second

Guarantee : 4 Months.

Harga : Rp. 39.000.000,-

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