Ventilator Siemens 900C

Ventilator Siemens 900C
Ventilator Siemens 900C

Spesifikasi Ventilator Siemens 900C :

DIMENSIONS:  50cm x 23cm x 32cm
WEIGHT:  19kg (42lbs) – without accessories.

Control Ranges

  • WORKING PRESSURE:  Up to 120cm H2O.
  • MODES:  Volume controlled, volume control with sight, pressure controlled, pressure support, synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation (SIMV), SIMV+ pressure support, continous positive airway pressure, manual ventilation.
  • Present inspiratory minute volume:  .5 – 40 1/min, with sufficient working pressure.
  • FLOW PATTERN: constant, accelerating or decelerating.
  • RESPIRATORY RATE:  5-120 breaths/min.
  • INSPRIATORY TIME:  20-80% of respiratory cycle.
  • PAUSE TIME: 0-30% of respiratory cycle.
  • PEEP: 0-50cm H2O.
  • UPPER LIMIT:  15-120cm H2O
  • TRIG SENSITIVITY: -20-0cm H2O (below PEEP)
  • SIMV RATE:  high rate (4-40 SIMV breaths/min), low rate (.4-4 SIMV breaths/min).
  • SIGHT: double tidal volume possible every 100 breaths.
  • COMPRESSED VOLUME: 0.075 1(internal).


    AIRWAY PRESSURE:   -20 – 120cm H2O
    EXPIRED MINUTE VOL:  adults 0-40 1/min, infants  0-4 1/min.
    RESPIRATORY RATE:  5-120 breaths/min.
    O2 CONCENTATION:  in % by volume, 20-100%.
    EXPIRED MINUTE VOLUME: adults 0-40 1/min, infants 0-4 1/min.
    PEAK PRESSURE:  0-120cm H2O
    PAUSE PRESSURE:  0-120cm H2O

Gas & Power Supply

  • Must fulfill specifications for medical gases.
  • GAS CONSUMPTION:  approximately equal to preset inspiratory minute volume or equal to flow meter setting.
  • GAS SUPPLY VIA HIGH PRESSURE INLET:  from central gas supply, compressor or gas cylinder.
  • ELECTRONIC GAS SUPPLY UNIT, INLET PRESSURE:  2.5-5 bar (250-500 kPa; 35-70 psi).
  • OTHER GAS SUPPLY INLET PRESSURE:  2.5-7 bar (250-700 kPa; 35-100 psi).
  • GAS SUPPLY VIA LOW PRESSURE INLET:  vial flowmeters.
  • POWER SUPPLY: (100), 110, 120, 220, 240, 50 OR 60 hZ.
  • POWER CONSUMPTION:  Approximately 40 W.

Alarms & Indicatators

  • PUSH BUTTON:  audible signals, muted for 2 min maximum.
  • ALARMS: gas supply alarm, apnea alarm, expired minute volume, O2 concentration, upper pressure limit, power failure.
  • INDICATORS:  set minute volume alarm, set O2 alarm, set O2 alarm, pressure support, CPAP, MAN SIMV high/low rate, expired minute volume infants, patient trig.

Special Funtions

  • Inspiratory pause hold, expiratory pause hold gas exchange.

Brand : Siemens.

Type:   900 C

Manufacturer : Siemens Germany.

Condition : Second.

Ready Stock.

Guarantee : 5 Month.

Harga : Rp. 84.000.000,-

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