Ventilator Sharp Lotus SS-1200

Ventilator Sharp Lotus SS-1200
Ventilator Sharp Lotus SS-1200

Spesifikasi Ventilator Sharp Lotus SS-1200 :

Model SS-1200
Name Anesthesia Ventilator – Lotus
Ventilator  Method Volume preset, time cycling
Ventilator Mode Controller
Tidal Volume 100 to 1,200 ml
Breathing Frequency 5 to 35bpm
I/E ratio 1:2(fixed)
Bagmeter -10 to + 90cmH2O
Relief Valve  45cmH2O(fixed)
Low Inspiratory Pressure  below+5cmH2O
Audible Alarm Pause  2 minutes by push button “OFF” auto return type
Power Requirement  AC220V
Power Consumption  35VA(at AC220V)
Outer Dimensions (W)410 x (H)250 x (D) 245mm
Weight About 15kg

Harga : Rp. 110.000.000,-

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  1. mohon uptade untuk harga dan penawaran mesin anestesi sharp shinei SL SL210 +vapor hal dan ventilator sharp lotus SS 1200, barang baru..terima kasih

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