Ventilator Muraco Villa

Ventilator Muraco
Ventilator Muraco Villa

Spesifikasi Ventilator Muraco  Villa:

Anesthesia Ventilator VILLA
Benefit with VILLA
* Computer controlled. Then exaclly Smooth Management of ventiltaor is    availlable even for long period of general anesthesia
* Small Size and light, Then Fit all type of Anesthesia Machine
* Available even for Pediatric Anesthesia

Alarm System
After 15 seconds of fall of Circuit pressure below 5 cm H2O, Red Lamp and Buzzer will be on
~ Buzzer sound off system
When sound off button is set buzzer sound will be OFF then will sound again    automatically within 60 seconds
~ Sound volume can be adjusted.

Electricity soure alarm
Buzzer will sound and electricity source alarm lamp wiill be ON when electricity source is accidentally off. (electricity source for buzzer is arranged even under
no electricity)

Kondisi : New

Harga : Rp. 125.000.000,-

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