Kimura Compact 22 / Compact 25

compact 22 / compact 25
kimura compact 22 / compact 25

Spesifikasi Kimura Compact 22 / Compact 25 :

Beda keduanya hanya terletak pada tempat vaporizer, kalau Compact-22 hanya bisa dengan 1 vaporizer sedang Compaci-25 bisa dengan 2 vaporizer. Tetapi standard alat tetap hanya dengan 1 vaporizer saja, boleh isoflurane atau sevoflurane.

Compact-22 / Compact-25 with Halothane vaporizer M-3 with mobile stand with drawer

» Flometer, Calibrated, O2(0.1-10l/min), N2O (0.5-10 l/min)

»O2Flush Valve,Auto Ret Push Button, 60l/ 4kg/cm2 presurre

»Safety sistem, N2O Cutt Off Valv automatic & shuts N2O

»CO2 Absorb, Pop Off Valve

» Face Mask Large & Small Size

» Head Strap

» Bite Block

» Airway, Large, Medium, Small

» Currugated Hose 92 cm

» Gas Scavenging Tube

» Color coded pressure hose for piping or

» Color coded pressure hose with pressure

» Regulator For Cylinder,O2 & N2

Optional Accessories :

Proximal Airway Pressure Manometer
Isoflurane Vaporizer AIV-5
Halothane vaporizer AHV-5
Isofluorane vaporizer AIV-5
Sevoflurane vaporizer ASV-5

Kondisi : New

Harga : Rp. 90.000.000,-

Brosur Kimura Compact-22


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