Icu Ventilator Mekant MV-2000

Icu Ventilator Mekant MV-2000
Icu Ventilator Mekant MV-2000

Spesifikasi Icu Ventilator Mekant MV-2000 :

– Manufactured by Korean company
– ICU ventilator supporting various modes
– Pressure & Volume con

 Manufactured by Korean company
1. IntroductionMV2000 Ventilator incorporates innovative technology from the inside out.

Its advanced proportional(PSOL)valves, active exhalation valve, and flow sensor

Give the ventilator exceptional response and control.

Now you can deliver.

This totally new ventilator contains outstanding technology and performance

Brings you an extra ordinary new landmark in respiratory care

Product Name : Mekant

Model : MV2000

Function Grade : High End

Application : Pediatric to Adult

Department : ICU,CCU,ER

Control Type : Rotary Optical Encoder

Display : 10.4 TFT Color LCD

2. Strong Point

High performance pneumatics & microprocessor

Pop-up menu / rotary optical encoder

Apnea back-up ventilation

Entering IBW automatically creates setting

Parameters and alarm limits(Adj. IBW factor)

10.4 large screen display : all parameter & wave

Active Exhalation Valve System

Lung Mechanics function

Special mode : Bi-Level / NIPPV

Built-in Nebulizer

3. Function

Volume and Pressure Type Ventilation

Mode : ACV,SIMV,Spon.,Bilevel   ,NIPPV,Auto,

Pressure Support,Apnea Back-up

Ideal Body Weight : 3 ~ 150 kg(Pediatric to adult)

Tidal Volume : 15 ~2500 ml

Inspiratory Pressure : 5 ~ 80 cmH2O

Respiration rate : 2 ~ 120 bpm

I : E ratio : 4:1 ~ 1:120

PEEP : 0 ~ 45 cmH2O

72hrs Graphic & Tablet Trend

Catagory : Icu ventilator
Brand: mekant
Type: mv-2000
Manufacturer: MEK-Korea
Condition: new
Ready stock
Guarantee: 1 year
Included: Accesories + Trolly


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