Feature FALCON Mie :

The Falcon anaesthetic machine launched in 1997, complete with the Kestrel ventilator. Key Health Solutions fully support the Falcon / Kestrel with service kits and a full range of spares for all models.

Maintain for life

We recommend routine performance checks at 6 months and a routine service at 12 months. Key Health Solutions offer loan ventilators if your ventilator is away being repaired.

Service exchange primary high pressure regulators can be supplied or we can service your own units; it is recommended that these are changed every 4 years.

All NIST Pipeline hoses should be inspected and replaced every 4 years.

Complete peace of mind

Maintenance contracts are available for this machine and all MIE products, plus we can inspect and service your unit on-site or in our workshop facilities.

Brand: Falcon Mie
Manufacturer: England
Condition: second
Ready stock: 1 unit.
Vaporizer:  Halothane & enflurane

Harga : 75.000.000,-

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  1. saya berminat untuk membeli mesin anastesi
    saya tunggu kabar selanjutnya

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