Acoma PRO-45S

Acoma PRO-45S
Acoma PRO-45S

Spesifikasi Acoma PRO-45S :

■ Primary features

incorporates extra-reliable, patented “Low oxygen conc. avoidance system”.
High precision triple-column flowmeter allows easy, quick value reading.
Acoma original one-touch vaporizer attachment / detachment design.
Anesthetic gas mixture prevention device.
Simultaneous one-touch control of the anesthetic circuit and ventilator possible by manipulating the selector cock (optional feature).
Rationaly designed respiratoly circuit section realizes a top level of usage ease.
Multiple monitoring system incorporated enhances safety checks for abnormalities.
Desk-like table top alows for ready record keeping.

Low flow rate compatible type also available. With this type, the graduations in the low flow rate range of ‘0-1L/min’ are magnified for easier display reading. Also incorporated are precise flow rate control function as well as a safety device to assure O2 gas flow (0.25L/min) every time before N2O gas is sent.

■ Principal components

Patented interlocking gear flowmeter / Auto on oxygen monitor / “Safety Block” / Auto/manual remote terminal / Analog circuit pressure gauge / Two-storage drawers

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