Acoma Lung Ventilator Mobile-1000II

Acoma Lung Ventilator Mobile-1000II
Acoma Lung Ventilator Mobile-1000II

Spesifikasi Acoma Lung Ventilator Mobile-1000II :

■ Primary features

Versatile 3-way power sourcing — 1. ‘AC source’ (w/Dedicated power unit connected), 2. ‘External source’ (powered through such as a car battery), and 3. ‘Internal source’.

Should either AC power fail or DC voltage drop to 11V or less, continuous ventilation is ensured by the Mobile-1000 power drive’s instantaneous/automatic switching to the back up ‘internal battery’.
Under average conditions, ventilation will continue for approx. 1 hour, provided that the internal battery is recharged to 90%.

Should all the batteries become depleted and there’s no alternative power source, operation can be swiched to manual ventilation by manipulating the furnished ‘breathing bag’.

Slim, compact and relatively light unit can be conveniently carried anywhere such as for first aid and patient transport.

■ Principal components

Internal battery (DC) / Power unit (AC) / PEEP compensation assistor ventilation function / SIGH function / Spirometer incorporated / Circuit pressure gauge doubles as a power voltage checker / Internal battery recharging monitor / Hour meter / Heater-humidifier / AIR-oxygen mixing function / Safety & alarm devices.

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