Acoma Lung Ventilator ICV60

Acoma Lung Ventilator ICV60
Acoma Lung Ventilator ICV60

Spesifikasi Acoma Lung Ventilator ICV60 :

■ Primary features

Based on a time-cycling flow generator, this unit offers an I/E ratio automatically calculated by presetting respiratory rate and inspiratory time, and then only setting tidal volume.
Further, highly rationalized engineering has resulted in an especially effective inspiratory/expiratory flow separation system which realizes suppressed respiratory resistance, outstandingly improved economics, as well as enhanced monitoring and alarm systems.

■ Principal components

Circuit pressure gauge for measuring/digitally displaying maximum, mean and minimum pressure values / High performance O2/AIR blender / Expiratory phase constant flow leads to inspiratory resistance reduction during spontaneous breathing / Manual inspiration button to permit SIGH realization while inspiratory action contineues / If expiratory phase pressure rises, PEEP function activates to lower it / Water trap

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