Acoma FO-20S

Acoma FO-20S

Acoma FO-20S

Spesifikasi Acoma FO-20S :

■ Reliable security

  • N2O and O2 metering is jointly controlled by a special mechanically interlocking gear system, that ensures patient safety by controlling the minimum oxygen concentration so that it never goes below 30% (±3 Vol. %, when O2 flow is over 1 L/min.). (PAT. 1737472)
  • If O2 supply pressure drops below 240 to 260 kPa, whistle sounds.
  • If O2 supply pressure falls below 100kPa (approx. 1kgf/cm2), the N2O flow into the circuit is automatically suspended for assurance of patient safety.

■ Easy operation

  • Convenient, easy disposal of surplus gas
  • Easy-to-handle canister
  • One-touch oxygen flushing

■ Compact and Customizable.

  • FO-20S can be carried conveniently anywhere by means of the carrying handle.
  • An Anesthetic ventilator (such as Acoma PRO-V mkII,ARF-900II & ACE-3000) can be installed within the mobile stand.
  • A built-in drawer on small mobile stand provides readily available storage space for various instruments, accessories, and other small items.(option)
  • Large castors for smooth, easy unit mobility combined with firm locking.
  • Rail type mount for 2 Vaporizers is optionally available for stand C.

■ Small mobile stands

Brosur Acoma FO-20S

Select from the 3 types A/B/C to satisfy every need.

Kondisi : – New, Harga : on call

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