Infat Incubator Gineveri Italy Polycare OGB

Infat Incubator Gineveri Italy Polycare OGB

Infat Incubator Gineveri Italy Polycare OGB

Features & Spesifikasi Infat Incubator Gineveri Italy Polycare OGB :

The philosophy that has guided GINEVRI in the design of their products for the last 40 years is Maximum Performance and User Friendliness at the same time. This philosophy has led to the line of incubators OGB Polycare.

The Poly Care control units are microprocessor driven and can control all the parameters necessary to create the ideal environment for the premature baby. Depending on the model it is possible to monitor and control:

– Temperature (Air, Skin Modes) with proportional heating;

– Humidity, with an integrated sterile humidity generating system;

– Oxygen concentration in the hood or in the head-box.

The parameter values are set through soft-touch keys arranged in an intuitive way to avoid errors and the data is shown on large, coloured displays with a clear contrast.

Up to 126 incubators can be connected to a networking system and monitored by a remote computer. The intensive care incubators can be equipped with the revolutionary infrared Hot-Spot radiant heater which allows to maintain constant the baby’s skin temperature even with the incubator’s doors open thus making superfluous the use of the double wall and the injurious transversal barrier of warm air.

Body : One Piece Injection Moulded Polycarbonate.

Power Source: 220W 50/60 Hz.

Power Consumption:  330 W.

Safety Class: 1 st.

Catagory: B

Medical Device Class: II B.

Ground Leakage Current : 70 micro Amp.

Electrical Protection: 2 Fuses 5×20 mm, 3.15 Amp.F

Power Failure alarm: Included( With inside Rechargeable)

Adjusment temperature Range: 20 C – 38 C Air. ( 25 C – 38 C, Skin)

Storage Temperature:  10 C – 50 C.

Noise Level inside The Hood : Lower than 45 Degree Celcius – 47 dB.

Ventilation: 36 L/Minute Multi direction.

Maximum CO2 Concentration: 0,5 %

Max Weight for patient tray: 10 Kg.

Incubator Size: 66 x80x 70 mm

Incubator Weight : 32 Kg.

Open Trolly Weight: 37 Kg.

Clossed Trolly Weight: 45 Kg.

Adjustable Trolly Weight : 51 Kg.

New Infant Incubator

Brand : Ginoveri

Type: OGB Polycare

Manufacturer: Gineveri Tecnologie Biomediche, Italy.

Condition : New

Ready Stock.

Price : FOB Jakarta

Harga : Rp. 50.000.000,-

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