SU-140 MPC Mono-Bipolar

su-140 mpc

alsa su-140 mpc

Type : SU-140 MPC

Merk : Alsa – Italy

Specification :

For monopolar cut-coag/bipolar coag.

Max. Power 140 Watt

Activation by both hand-switch handle and

Single foot-switch pedal.

Complete with :

B700/A Standard set of accessories :

1MPE/F                       Foot-switch

pencil-cable mt.2,5

1EIP/9             Neutral plate –

ss,-cable mt.2,5

1FFE               Fixing belt for neutral


1SEL/VI          Set of 6 electrode :

2          E1 –knife

1          E5 –thick needle

1          E7 –thin needle

1          E12 –ball Ømm.2,5

1          E14 –ball Ømm.4

1STOP/PN      Single foot-switch pedal-pneumatic-

Water proof (IPX7) andexplosion-proof


Harga : Rp. 31.500.000,-

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