Excell 350 MCDse Bipolar-Monopolar

Excell 350 MCDse Bipolar-monopolar

Excell 350 MCDse Bipolar-monopolar

Merk : Alsa – Italy

Specification :

Electronic Electrosurgical unit for all monopolar

and bipolar applications.

For monopolar pure cut/blend cut or coagulation

with eight currets and max. power of 280W for

monopolar pure cut and 280W for monopolar

coagulation. 140W for bipolar cut 120W for

bipolar coagulation.

For normal traditional surgery, laparoscopy,

surgery underwater “TUR, TURP, TURV,

Arthroscopy, gastroenterology, etc.

B610/A Set of  standard accessories :

2MPE/E           Foot switch pencil-cable mt.3,5

1NP/A             Neutral plate –ss-cable mt.2,5

1FFE               Fixing belt for neutral plate

1SEL/VIII        Set of 8 electroduces :

2E1      Knife

2E5      Thick naadle

1E7      Thin needle

1E12    Ball Ø mm.2,5

2          E14      Ball Ø mm.4

1          DS/E    Twin foot-switch pedal, electric,


Harga : Rp. 80.000.000,-

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