Ellman Surgitron FFPF EMC

Ellman Surgitron FFPF EMC

Ellman Surgitron FFPF EMC

Spesifikasi Ellman Surgitron FFPF EMC :

The Surgitron® EMC is a highly dependable energy source that cuts and coagulates soft tissue using high frequency radiowave technology.

The EMC operates at 3.8 MHz, enabling a precise incision with significantly less heat and resultant thermal damage than typically found with conventional electrosurgery. In addition to cut mode (fully filtered), the EMC offers three other waveforms providing more hemostatic tissue effects. Cut/Coag mode uses a fully rectified waveform. Coag mode uses a partially rectified waveform. The fourth waveform is fulguration for intentional tissue damage.

EMC 110A (for 110v)
EMC 220A (for 220v)

Shipped with:
HP1 – Foot-Controlled Handpiece with Locking Chuck
DSEP40 – Medical Electrode Assortment Package (Sterile/Single Use)
H4 – Neutral Plate
EMCL1 – Operation Manual
PC110 – EMC Power Cord
H79 – Handpiece Clip
H66 – Electrode Protector Stand
DVD/EMC1 – Instructional Video

Harga : Rp. 55.000.000,- (New)

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