Mindray Beneheart D3

Mindray Beneheart D3

Mindray Beneheart D3

Features Mindray Beneheart D3 :

BeneHeart D3 is one compact , durable, light weighted defibrillator which integrated monitoring,manual defibrillation,AED and pacer.It is a professional biphasic defibrillator-monitor suitable for hospitals and clinics use worldwide.

Key Features :

. Compact 4-in-one integrated design: monitoring,Manual Defib, AED and pacer

. Large and vivid display with 3 waveforms assures easy ECG and SPO2 viewing

. Defibrillation , Synchronized cardioversion and AED with Biphasic technology

. Up to 360J escalating dose energy to maximize defibrillation success


. Powerful power capacity with battery to support continuous long time monitoring and shocks

during transport without external power supply

. Compact, light weighted design especially for both hospital and clinics application

BROSUR Mindray Beneheart D3

Harga : Rp. 65.000.000,-

Sedang untuk AED silahkan kunjungi halaman : Mindray Beneheart D1 AED

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