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Bionet FC 700

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Bionet FC 700

Bionet FC 700

Spesifikasi / Diskripsi Bionet FC 700 :

Bionet FC 700 fetal monitor is ideal for all clinical settings from physician’s offices to labor and delivery suites. Combining high functionality and user friendliness, the FC 700 fetal monitor allows for comprehensive assessment of the well-being of a single fetus. The advanced digital signal processing capabilities and ultrasound technology optimize the acquisition of the fetal heart rate during even the most adverse situations. A4 size report improves readablilty of the FHR and UC trend.

Bionet FC 700 Fetal Monitor Features:

  • Accurate FHR detection
  • High sensitivity (1 MHz)
  • Automatic fetal movement detection
  • A4 size wide chart paper
  • Uses inexpensive fax paper
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Easy to upgrade
  • PC interface through RS-232C
  • Central monitoring system

Brand : BIONET

Type:  FC-700

Manufacturer: Korea

Condition : New

Guarantee: 1 year

Ready Stock

Harga : Rp. 19.000.000,-

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