MADSEN Xeta – Clinical audiometer

MADSEN Xeta - Clinical audiometer

MADSEN Xeta - Clinical audiometer

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Intuitive, simple and precise, the MADSEN Xeta audiometer is designed for those who want basic screening, quickly and efficiently. Air, bone and masking, combined with valuable features such as an intuitive layout, flexible storage and a built-in PC connection ensure efficient audiometry in the clinic or in the field. The Xeta comes with manual and automatic screening and threshold tests along with the option of recalling stored thresholds.

Forgo lengthy training sessions
Thanks to a highly intuitive design, only a minimum amount of training is needed to operate the MADSEN Xeta audiometer. A user-friendly layout with indicator lights and a one button/one function design provide an easy overview and immediate access to everything needed during testing. The Xeta logically groups all related operational controls according to mode of application, which makes it exceptionally easy to navigate through the system and switch between patients and tests. And PC connectivity lets you pre-load the audiometer with names and unique IDs, ensuring patients are properly identified throughout the process.

Dynamic and flexible
Geared for intensive off-site testing, the MADSEN Xeta comes with a built-in memory and advanced interface that lets you leaf through pre-loaded patients, browse though test results and resume testing at any time.

Auto threshold, auto screening and more
The MADSEN Xeta audiometer meets the need for testing efficiency with all the necessary tests, including auto threshold and auto screening. A Masking Assistant, a special feature that ensures valid, high-quality test results, alerts users whenever masking is recommended at specific frequencies.

Enjoy the benefits of  OTOsuite™  software
When used with a PC, MADSEN Xeta becomes an integral part of the OTOsuite™ Universe, GN Otometrics’ shared universe for immitance, audiometry, counseling and simulator. Once you have connected your Xeta and opened the OTOsuite Universe, the entire patient management can be performed within one framework. OTOsuite captures, consolidates, saves and shares patient measurement data so you can move freely from one work process to another.

Features at a glance 
  • Pure, warble and pulsed tones
  • Auto threshold and auto screening
  • Special tests (optional): ABLB, SISI, Stenger
  • Masking Assistant
  • Built-in Talk-over communication
  • Patient data storage (50 planned patients and 75 full audiograms)
  • User configurable setups
  • Connects with OTOsuite™ Audiometry software (NOAH compatible)
  • Technical specifications:
    • Pure tone frequencies
      • AC: 125-8000 Hz
      •  BC: 250-8000 Hz
    • Masking: Narrow Band Noise
    • Stimulus levels
      • AC: -10 to 120 dB HL at mid-frequencies, 5 dB steps
      • BC:-10 to 70 dB HL at mid- frequencies, 5 dB steps

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