MADSEN Itera II – Clinical diagnostic audiometer

MADSEN Itera II - Clinical diagnostic audiometer

MADSEN Itera II - Clinical diagnostic audiometer

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Compact, reliable and versatile, the MADSEN Itera II is a state-of-the-art diagnostic air, bone and speech audiometer with a range of features and options that let users customize it for their needs. At just 10 lbs., or less than 5 kilos, the Itera II affords complete portability, allowing you to plug it in anywhere and be ready to work in less than a minute. It can be used as a traditional, stand-alone audiometer or with a PC-based system so you can store, share and report all data in our OTOsuite software Universe. 

Range of tests


Fowler (ABLB)


Move seamlessly from one work process to another

The Itera II can be used as a stand-alone audiometer or connected directly to a PC using the innovative Otometrics OTOsuite™ software. When used with a PC, MADSEN Itera II becomes an integral part of the OTOsuite software Universe, Otometrics’ shared platform for immittance, audiometry, counseling and simulator. Once connected to the OTOsuite Universe all patient management information can be performed within one framework, with OTOsuite capturing, consolidating, saving and sharing patient measurement data so you can move freely from one work process to another.

Customize your Itera II with the options you need

Choose from options that make your Itera II work best for you. These include an automatic hearing instrument simulation second to none, and high-frequency audiometry (up to 16kHz) for ototoxic monitoring. By combining these options with the appropriate tranducers you can extend your diagnostic capibilities now and in the future.

Enjoy complete freedom of movement

Weighing in at just 10 compact pounds, or less than 5 kilos, the MADSEN Itera II is portable, unpacks easily and is ready to use in less than a minute — with no cords to untangle. Just open the custom carrying case, pull out the accessories you want, plug in the audiometer and you’re ready to go.

Features at a glance
  • Air, bone and speech audiometry
  • Binaural speech testing with completely flexible signal routing (permits ipsi/contra lateral masking)
  • Run stand-alone or connected to a PC
  • Patient communication facilities
  • Internal power supply for CD player, with easy switching between left and right
  • Functions at your fingertips
  • Tactile feedback from rotary knobs means you don’t have to take your eyes off the patient
  • Elegant, ergonomic desktop design
  • Hearing instrument simulator and S.I.S.I., Fowler (ABLB) and Stenger Tests
  • High-frequency option (up to 16,000Hz)
  • Ranges 125 to 12,500H – 10 to 120dB
  • Access to OTOsuite Audiometry module
  • Fully integrated into our software platform, OTOsuite.

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