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MADSEN Conera Clinical PC-based Audiometer

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MADSEN Conera Clinical PC-based Audiometer

MADSEN Conera Clinical PC-based Audiometer

Sekilas tentang MADSEN Conera Clinical PC-based Audiometer :


Beneath MADSEN Conera’s sleek exterior, you’ll find a full featured clinical audiometer built to the industry’s highest standards, including complete two channel tone audiometry in HL or SPL .

Conera is linked to our OTOsuite software platform and NOAH compatible making it easy for you to optimize your workflow and to create customized electronic documents or even send data directly to electronic journals and records.

This PC-based audiometer allows you to spend more time counseling your patients and putting them at ease – even though your total throughput will increase and your workflow will be improved.

The Conera provides seamless integration with many other products from Otometrics, including the remarkable tympanometer MADSEN OTOflex 100.

  • Complete test battery
  • Intuitive software platform
  • Easy electronic data exchange
  • Customizable and comprehensive reporting facilities
  • 32 bit and Vista compatible
  • USB connection to PC
  • Binaural SPL probes
  • Binaural REM probes
  • Numeric and graphical speech view
  • Assisted phoneme scoring during speech testing
  • Flexible routing of stimuli and masking
  • Ideal for both desktop, wall mounting or portable use
  • Ranges: 125 to 8,000 Hz, -10 to 130 dB
  • 1 or 5 dB step
  • Digital wordlist
  • XML data transfer
  • Audiogram graphs can be combined or shown separately
  • Special tests

o   SISI

o   Weber

o   Stenger

o   ABLB (Fowler)

o   Rinne

o   Hughson-Westlake Auto Threshold Screening

o   Loudness scaling

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