MADSEN Astera – Clinical audiometer

MADSEN Astera - Clinical audiometer

MADSEN Astera - Clinical audiometer

Sekilas tentang MADSEN Astera – Clinical audiometer :

Full range of tests
The audiometer has a comprehensive test battery that fulfills all of your clinical audiometry requirements, including:
• ML
• Stenger
• Tone Decay
• Multiple Frequency Weber
• Masking level difference (MLD)
• Multiple Tinnitus tests
• Lüscher/DLI (Difference Limen Intensity)

Multiple users can each enjoy their own customized interface
To cover the needs of multiple users and various testing scenarios, the Astera can be customized by individual users. This feature quickly lets each user define his or her own favorite test settings and sequences without the need to reset the unit each time it is used. And because the unit combines traditional stand-alone audiometers with the newer PC-based software, it can operate through the familiar user interface of the Audiometer Control Panel or the PC keyboard or mouse.

Easy integration with other processes for seamless workflow
The Astera is part of the OTOsuite universe which means the audiometric workflow easily integrates with the immittance and fitting testing processes. This allows you to perform audiometry, fitting, counseling and verification in a seamless workflow. One-click data logging, combined immittance and audiometry reporting contribute to a more efficient testing process and helps eliminate paperwork.

Future-proof design
The MADSEN Astera is durable, comfortable and future-proof. Not only will users receive soft ware upgrades for the life of the equipment, the Astera is ready to meet future requirements of EMR (Electronomic Medical Records) by incorporating standard data-transfer protocols.

Features at a glance
  • High frequency up to 20,000 Hz
  • FRESH (FREquently Specific Hearing assessment) noise™
  • Integrated speech material (link to list of integrated speech materials available)
  • Phoneme scoring
  • Multiple speaker routing
  • Masking assistant™
  • Built-in power amplifier
  • Channel-specific threshold storing
  • One-click data logging
  • Automatic PTA calculation for air and bone testing
  • Manual entry option
  • Aided and unaided speech data in same graph
  • Undo/redo functionality
  • Extensive and flexible user setting options
  • Comparison of historical audiograms
  • High resolution audiometry
  • Talk-to-assistant functionality
  • Comprehensive hot-key access from PC keyboard
  • Combined immittance and audiometry report
  • Connects with third-party systems such as NOAH and Electronic Medical Records
  • Fully integrated in our software platform, OTOsuite

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