Alat Laboratorium

Alat Laboratorium
Alat Laboratorium

Alat laboratorium yang ada pada kami dari Merk Gemmy Taiwan, antara lain sebagai berikut :

Nama Alat Harga (Rp)
Centrifuge 6×15 ml PLC 02 Gemmy Hmn  2.800.000
Centrifuge 8×15 ml PLC 03 Gemmy Hmn  2.900.000
Centrifuge 12×15 ml PLC 05 Gemmy Hmn 3.000.000
Haemotocrite Centrifuge KHT 410E Gemmy Hmn  5.500.000
Shaker VRN-200 Gemmy Hmn 3.000.000
Shaker VRN-210 Gemmy Hmn  3.000.000
Shaker VRN-370 Gemmy Hmn  4.050.000
Vortex Mixer VM-300 Gemmy Hmn  2.500.000
Blood Cell Calculator DBC-9 Gemmy Hmn  2.400.000
Blood Cell Calculator DBC-8E Gemmy Hmn 3.600.000
Universal Oven / Sterilisator 40 liter Gemmy Hmn 11.000.000
Universal Oven / Sterilisator 57 liter Gemmy Hmn 12.750.000
Incubator cap 57 liter Gemmy Hmn  12.750.000

Alat laboratorium lainnya  :


  1. Glass Ware Yenaco
  2. Microscope & Part ,Timer, Autoclik, Urine Strip, Refractrometer HB Sahli, Haemoc
  3. Oven, pH Meter, Ultrasonic Cleaner, Blood Transport, Refrigerator
  4. Water Bath, Centrifuge, HB Elektrik, Bact_ Coloni, Micropipet
  5. Vortex Mixer, Shaker Rotator, Mag_Stirer, H_ Plate, Lift Table
  6. Sepctro,flame,photometer,Hema analizer
  7. Sterilisator, Autoclave, Dist_ Apperatus & Part
  8. Grup V_B Elektrk Precision Balance YG-EPB- 5002 E _E
  9. Grup V_B Elektronic Analytical Balance YG-EAB-2104 E _E
  10. Grup V_B Elektronic Precision Balance YG-EPB-2003 E & 3003 E _E
  11. Grup V_B Electric Balance _YG-EB Series_ B
  12. Grup V_B Electric Precision Balance _YG-EPB Series
  13. Grup V_B Elektric Analitical Balance _YG-EAB SERIES
  14. Grup V_B Elektric Balance _YG-EB Series_ A
  15. Grup V_B Elektric Precision Balance
  16. Grup V_B Table Balance
  17. Grup V_B YG-EB-3001 Elektronik Precision Balance
  18. Grup V_B YG-EB-3002 Elektronik Precision Balance
  19. Grup V_B YG-EB-15001 Elektronik Precision Balance
  20. Grup V_B YG-EB-30001 Elektronik Precision Balance
  21. Grup V_B YG-EPS-03 Pocket Elektronik Precision Balance
  22. Grup V_B YG-EPS-05 Pocket Elektronik Precision balance
  23. Grup X_B Microscope L-301
  24. Grup X_B Microscope XSP – 12
  25. Grup X_B Microscope XSP – 13A
  26. Grup X_B Microscope XSZ-107BN
  27. Grup X_B Microscope XSZ-107E
  28. Grup X_C Big Timer for Lab
  29. Grup X_C HB Meter Super+Ior
  30. Grup X_C Object Glass & Blood lancet
  31. Grup X_C Refractometer H-UR-301-102
  32. Grup X_C Refractometer H-UR-301&501
  33. Grup X_D Bacteriological Incubator YNC-INC-30,50L,80 YENACO
  34. Grup X_D Blood Transport
  35. Grup X_D Double Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaner 6,10 L
  36. Grup X_D Multifungsi Bact+Oven 30L YENACO
  37. Grup X_D Oven 30,50L,80L Yenaco
  38. Grup X_D PH-4 Micro Processors Control PH Meter
  39. Grup X_D pH Meter type 01,02,03
  40. Grup X_D Refrigerator 120,200 L
  41. Grup X_D Single Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaner 4_5,6,10 L
  42. Grup X_D Sterilisator Kering YNC-STR-30,50L Yenaco
  43. Grup X_D Ultrasonic cleaner 1 Liter
  44. Grup X_D Ultrasonic cleaner 600 ml
  45. Grup X_D Ultrasonic Cleaner Face _for Beuty
  46. Grup X_D Vacine Carier 7 Liter
  47. Grup X_E Bactery Colony Counter HEALTH
  48. Grup X_E Blood Cell Counter 8 Key
  49. Grup X_E Centrifuge HEALTH 6,8,12 holes
  50. Grup X_E Cup Opening Machine _Veno Ject
  51. Grup X_E Digital Display Blood Cell Counter HEALTH
  52. Grup X_E HB meter elektrik H-BA-8624 YENACO
  53. Grup X_E HB Meter elektrik new type HEALTH
  54. Grup X_E Micro Hematocrit Yenaco Type A
  55. Grup X_E Micro Hematocrit Yenaco type B mdl kotak
  56. Grup X_E Micro Hematocrit Yenaco TYPE C new type
  57. Grup X_E Micro Pipette & adjustable micropipette
  58. Grup X_E Microhematocrite Centrifuge China
  59. Grup X_E Shaking Water Bath 50L
  60. Grup X_E Water Bath 8 LITER with ring
  61. Grup X_E Water Bath 8,16,27 L new

Lebih banyak lagi tentang alat laboratorium silahkan di cek di ALAT KESEHATAN 7 dst.

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