Anaesthesi MHJ-IC  : 08111742529 - 08129123920
Dengan Yosef Setyawan

With Ventilator Electric
HJ-IC is a new generation of anaestesia machine incorporating
anaesthesia, respiratory and monitoring functions. With the adoption
of modem art and ergonomics engineering in its unique designation,
the machine is not only a state or art but also of great convenience in
The anaesthesia machine adopts a two – stage pressure regulating
system. In addition to the high precision dual tube flowmeters for
oxygen and Nitrous Oxide, it has an air flowmeter, and is possible to
provide mixed flesh gas of either O2 with N2O or O2 with air. It’s
builds – in safety devices such as ORC system, oxygen deficiency
alarm and N2O cut-off make clinics more safe.
The special vaporizer seat allows the parallel parking of two vaporizer
of different drugs at same time (standard configuration includes only
on vaporizer) and there is an interlocking device to act as a safety
It’s equipped with a rolling – diaphragm piston type anaesthesia ventilator, which us electrical – driven and
electronically controlled by microcomputer. Therefore there is no need for compressed gas as driving gas. The
anaesthesia ventilator has very small compliance, and output very precise and constant tidal volume, requires
nochanges of sup[lying components like bellow for the use of either adult and infant. The piston is detachable and
easy for sterilization. The reassemble of the piston is very easy and safe .
The integrated anaesthesia circuit make hoses connection very simple and reliable, and is suitable for low – flow
anaesthesia to cut down the consumption of anaesthesia drugs and reduce the pollution to the operation room.
The big, colour and high light screen displays real time pressure curve, ventilation modes, setting of ventilators,
monitoring of respiratory data, alarm contents, battery status and etc. The interface is in Chinese / English language
for convenient operation.
The inner large volume storage battery can keep the anaesthesia machine working for four hours in the case of AC
power failure.
• Gass Supply : O2/N2O/Air 0.27 – 0.55MPa
• Flow adjustment : O2/N2O 0.05 – 10L/min
Air 0.2 – 12L/min
• Flow adjustmen : O2 + N2O or O2 + Air
• O2 flush : 35 – 75L/min
• Build – in safety device :
– Oxygen ration control (ORC) guarantee minimum 25% percentage of oxygen
– Oxygen deficiency alarm when O2 @ 0.2Mpa, audible alarm occurs and lasts for at least 7 second
– N2O cut – off when O2 @ 0.1Mpa, N2O cut – off is activated
– Backup power when AC power fails, the power switch over to internal battery which will run the
machine for approxceimeatelly four hours
• Vaporizer
– ZFG-B1 output concentration : 0.5% – 5% with T.P.F compensations
– Draeger LC output concentration 0.2% – 6%
• Anaesthesia circuit
– Reliefe valve : 0.5 – 7kPa
– CO2 absorber volume : E 1.6 L
– Leakage : @ 175mL/min
• Anaesthesia ventilator
– Ventilation modes : manual, spontaneous, Mechanical CM, etc
– I : E ration 1:1 – 1:9.9 (reserved I:E optional)
– Ventilation frequency : 6 – 40 cycles / min
(4 – 60cycles / min optional)
– Tidal Volume 100 – 1400ml (standard), 20 – 1400ml (optional)
– PEEP : 0 – 2 kPa
• Monitoring : Exhaled tidal volume, Minute volume, airway pressure, ventilation frequency, Inspired oxygen
• Alarm : Visual and audible alarm for O2 supply low, Paw low, Paw high, MV low, MV high, Apnea, O2% low,
O2% high, battery low, batter insufficient power failure


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