Anaesthesi Machine MHJ-IIIB3 with 1 vaporizer  : 08111742529 - 08129123920
Dengan Yosef Setyawan



MI IJ-WB3 Anaesthesia Machine is a new version of MHJ-IIIB series. With a state of arttechnology, it has been not only a big step in the increase of reliability and safety, hut also in designation and integration ofother instruments, such as anaesthesia vHntiIHIurx, monitoring units to become an anaesthesia workstation. Providing au ISO uoiiiieutioii on the anaesthesia circuit, it can meet the needs for semi-open, semi-close or closed system anaesthesia. The machine is possible to mount two parallel Vaporizers when desired for the choice of anaesthetic drug. The machine is easy to operate.


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