Instrument THT Tajimaco  : 08111742529 - 08129123920
Dengan Yosef Setyawan

Metzenbaum scissor Rolet chisel Ear specula type hartman Crocodile forceps
Straight & curved set of 3 size S,M,L w/without teeth
Tunning fork Thudium nasal specula Ferris smith Myles currete 17cm for nose
(4 fork + 1 rubber hammer) Figure 0 cutting forceps
Davis boyle mouth gags White head mouth gags Tonsil guillotines Bose tracheal Left & right
with blade left & right 11,13,15cm with 3 blade 16cm hooks No. 2,4
Cerumen haak Trousseau tracheal dilator Aneurysma needle Finsen retractor 7cm


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