Instrument SMIC  : 08111742529 - 08129123920
Dengan Yosef Setyawan

11411-S Blades 20mm, 13 cm 11840-S G. Op straight / curved G. Op Mayo 12620-S 12635-S 11416-S Blades 45 mm, 16 cm Skin grafting 30cm Ta/ Ta, Ta/ Tu, Tu/Tu straight/curved Vena scissor Stich scissor 11436-S Blades 45 mm, 16 cm + blades 14,16,18cm 14,16,18,20,22cm ujung panjang
12710/12720/12750-S Dressing forceps Tissue forceps 13210-S 13242-S 13250/13255-S Gunting Verband (pinset anatomy) (pinset chirugh) Pinset dissecting Splinter forceps Artery kleam 6,5cm 15,18,20 cm 14,18,20,25cm 14,18,20,25cm 14cm type SEMKEN 12 ½ cm Cross action, str & cvd
Pean Haemostatic frcps Kelly haemostatic Kocher 1 x 2 teeth 14500/14505-S 14520/14525-S Allis tissue klem
straight & curved straight & curved straight / curved Mosquito pean Mosquito kocher 14,16,18cm
14,18,20,22cm 14,16 & 18cm 14,16,18cm 12.5cm str & cvd 12.5cm str/cvd 4 x5 teeth
15332/15342-S 15390-S 15410-S 15451/53-S 15850-S 16111-16116-S sharp
Sponge holding F Sterilisator Forceps Cross action Dockleam backhaus Universal Trocar 16121-16126-S blunt
25cm str & cvd 3 prong 22cm Dockleam 7cm 9.14cm Set Of 4 Pc W.haak type volkman
16450-S 17350-S 17370-S 17451/2-S 17710/2-S N.H mayo hegar
retrac double ended type fergusson white head mouth mouth gags davis boyle margil Forceps 14,16,18,20,22cm
(US ARMY) 20.4CM 14.5cm gags 13cm left & right 5 blades 20,25cm child/adult
19433/435-S 19440A-S 19440/50/60-S 19445-S 19455A/455-S 19650-S
N.H mathiew De Bakey Nn Holder De Bakey Nn Holder Reider (Non Traumatic) Reider N. Holder Aneurysm needle A grave tang
14,17cm Durodrip 16 Cm Durodrip N. Holder Durodrip16 Cm Durodrip 18 Cm sharp&blunt, 20cm combination
(Ma93/Bm34a) 16,18,20 Cm (MA89/BM44) (BM45A/BM45) left & right
GRUP X.B SMIC Abdominal, Urologi, Gynaecology & Obstetrical Instrument Hal. 2
75332-S 81050-S 81060-S 81132-S 81231/2/3-S 81314-S
Knabel tang Ductus coledocus F Ductus coledocus F Gall stone forceps Gall stone scoop Doyen abd Retractor/
nail cuting F 13cm 18cm Double cvd u/empedu 22cm cvd u/empedu serrated double ended vaginal retractor
5&6, 8&10, 12&14mm blds 50mm, L 11cm
82220-S 82312/82313-S 82580-S 82570-S 82720-S 82750/765-S
Doyen Abd Retractor Deaver Abd Retractor Richardson East Richardson east R Gosset abd retractor Balfour abdominal
75mm, L 24cm blades width 36.48mm ABD Retractor blades 22/30mm w/ center blade retractor
L 25,30cm Blds 37/43 Mm 25cm set of 2
L=28 CmL
83230/40-S 83370-S 85110-S 85210/15/20-S 85410-4-S 86132/4-S
Doyen intest F serr, Bobcock instes holding Bladder trocar Blooder Kidney stone F Anoscope
oblique 22cm str,cvd Forceps 16cm (kantung kencing) (biopsy,foreign scissor) 22cm set of 4
91010-14-S 91016-20-S 91110-14-S 91210-S
86220-S Grave vag specula Cusco vag Kristeler Vag specula Gelpi retractor Cervix dilatator
Rectal specula size S,M,L specula size S,M,L length 17cm set of 12,14,19pcs
size S,M,L (vulva retractor) no. 4-10, 4-17, 3.5-12
91610-S 91710-S 91722-S 92155-S 92220-S 92310/350-S 92360-S
C. dilatator triple U. sonde kawat U. sonde 32cm Uterine dressing F Korentang straight Kogel Tang Museux 25cm str 24cm
blade length 28cm 28cm (peg penuh) berlubang (tampon tang) 25cm 25cm str/cvd 25cm 2 x 3 teth (U. Vulsellum F)
92630-S 93211-6-Sharp 94110-S 94150-S 95110-S 95180-S 95220-S
Cervical biopsy F 93221-6-blunt U. Scissor Epysiotomi scissor Umbilical scissor 14cm Martin Pelvi meter Obstetric forceps 40cm
S. currete 20cm 18cm (braun) 32cm type kyland
No. 1,2,3,4,5,6
95215-S 96110/115-S 96160-S 96210-S 96260-S 96320-S 67480C-S
obstetric F Kelly placenta F Perforator Embriotome hook Decapiting Hook Cranioclast Suction tube set of 3
type neegle 40cm 30cm str/cvd type smille type braun 32.5cm type braun 32.5cm type braun 37cm
51280-S 52120 – 52122-S 52160-S 52260-S
Eye Specula Max. Opening Scarifying Knives Canaliculus Knives Curved, Foreign Body Needle
1.5cm Full Length 5cm Slightly-Bellied Blade Sharp – Pointed Straight, Blade Length 5mm
Length 8 Mm And 11 Mm
52350-S 52620-S 53490-S 53500-S
Tattooing Needle Sharp Corneal Graft Spatula Trachoma Forceps 10cm Trachoma Forceps 11 Cm
Silver Alloy, Curved, Spoon With Silver Aloy Rollers Full Length
Length 8mm, Width 7mm
2410-S 53070-S 53076-S 53072-S
Iris Hooks Sharp Opth. Dressing Forceps Opth. Tissue Forceps Opth. Dressing Forceps
Straight, With Serrated Tips, 10cm Straight, 1 X 2teeth, 10cm Curved, With Serrated Tips 10cm
54002-S 54010-S
Iris Scissor 57025/SYJ3
Straight, Sharp – Pointed 10 Ophthalmic operating set
Curved, Sharp – Pointed 10 (1 set terdiri dari 64 bh)


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