Jual Paket CCTV 4 Channel – Murah, Hemat & Praktis

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Jual Paket CCTV 4 channel yang aman dengan harga murah. Bisa direkam, lengkap dengan receiver dan kabel konektor BNCnya. Lebih hemat & tidak repot.


– Sunbio Surveillance 4 port – 1 x
– Dome Camera – 4 x
– 20m cable DC + BNC – 4 x

DVR Specification :

* Use the standard H.264 video compression format stream lower, high quality, longer recording time, taking up less bandwidth resources
* GUI OSD interface, USB Mouse controller, more intuitive, easier to use for user-friendly
* Support D1/CIF recording resolution, 6 image quality adjustable
* Hexaplex operation simultaneously: Preview, recording, playback, and network live, backup, playback
* Multiple record mode: Auto/timer/motion recording mode
* Recording playback support: Normal play/Speed play/Fast back play/Manual single-frame slow play
* Support drag the progress bar can be targeted playback time directly
* Support Multiple channel playback at the same time(Support 4CH playback simultaneously)
* Support Network function: one IE browser centralized monitoring and SNS Software for multiple DVR (up to 20 DVR simultaneously)
* Support DHCP, DDNS, PPPoE and NTP network service
* Supports remote surveillance up to 10 users simultaneously via the internet Explorer web browser
* Support more than 17 kinds protocol of the PTZ control
* Supports Multiple backup mode: USB flash drive and network backup
* Support pre-alarm recording (before 10 sec),not lose any suspicious screen
* Support SATA HDD Max 2TB
* Support 1ch audio input
* Support remote view by Mobile phone
* Support VGA output
* Support IR remoter controller
* System auto recovery to power after power reconnected, and return to the pre-power-down state


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Kondisi: Baru

Barang dikirim dari: Jakarta
Berat pengiriman: 8 kg
Harga Rp. 3675000

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